September 14, 2010

More images from my travels

While driving deep in the backwoods of Kentucky I saw this guy sitting on his porch. I got out of the car and after talking to him for a few minutes, I asked if I could take his photograph. He seemed glad to oblige me and sat patiently while I fiddled with my camera and strobe. Down on his luck, he was suffering from a variety of issues and illnesses. After I was done I handed him $10. He smiled widely and said,"You know what I'm gonna do with this? I'm gonna buy me a big ol' joint," and then he chuckled, happy as a clam.

This is Travis

This is Onus. The only time on my trip I was actually a bit scared of a subject. While I was speaking to his 70-year-old brother Enus, Onus just leaned against this truck watching, listening, and smoking. Then, after I snapped a few photos of him, he walked over to his car, popped the trunk showing me a variety of handguns and rifles he had for sale. He reached in and picked up a .38 revolver. With a serious tone he said, "This one here killed a man...he committed suicide with it." It was a bit unnerving. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I glanced in that trunk. Vicco, Ky.

Jacob's sister with their happy Jack Russell. (Ky.)
Beautiful girl at the fair waiting to get on a ride. She reminded me so much of one of Sally Mann's subjects.
I photographed many animals at that Pennsylvania county fair a few weeks ago, sadly most of whom would be eaten shortly afterward. But this goat was a dairy goat. Someone (or something) had removed its ears for some odd reason. I couldn't find its owner to ask why. I'd never seen an earless goat before. It seemed happy enough.


  1. Wonderful, just wonderful.

  2. steve... it sure does look like the goats ears are just pinned back!

    long lost friend... heather.