September 19, 2010

Only in New York

Two odd things happened on my way to work on Thursday, my last day of shooting during Fashion Week. I jumped on the A train headed downtown at around 9:20am and being only the second stop from where the train starts on 207th I got a perfect seat (rare to impossible 2 stops later). At about 181st street a Jewish kid about 17 wearing a yarmulke gets on and sits next to me. One stop later he taps me on the shoulder and mumbles something about Columbus Circle. I reply, "Yeah, it's about 6 stops ahead." He looks annoyed and said louder, "No, I'm scared I'll sleep through my stop, will you wake me at Columbus Circle?" I smiled and said "Sure pal, snooze out." Within seconds his head was tilted back, mouth agape and he was out cold. I'd glance over at him every once in awhile and he remained asleep the whole way. At 59th I reached over and gently shook his shoulder. Startled, he looked over at me, got his bearings and said "Thanks man" and quickly hopped off the train.
I continued on, getting off at Grand Central and stopped at my usual Starbucks inside the station. Standing in line the ambient music was surprisingly loud playing Aretha Franklin's "(You make me feel) Like a Natural Woman". Suddenly, with all the enthusiasm and perfect pitch of Aretha's real backup singers, the three black girls working behind the counter loudly sang the chorus "...Like a natural woman...woooman" leaving everyone in the place smiling.
Only in New York City.

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