August 18, 2011

A Day of Art

Interesting large scale Robert Adams photo on a billboard, seen as you're walking the High Line. One of my favorite strolls in the city.

Beautiful pink cloud at sunset as seen from the High Line.

Lovely afternoon spent at Moma. People watching in the sculpture garden is great. Who naps like this? Public place, no shoes and lying across three chairs. Who does that?

This piece was actually a "void space" where the drywall was taken away instead of an actual piece of art hanging. Seems the lack of art is now considered art I suppose. (cough...bullshit...cough)

This was a lovely piece. Brilliant "artiste" takes a white can of paint, points it at the ground and sprays out the contents. Calls it something like "40 seconds of aerosol paint pointed at ground". (cough...bullshit....cough....) There were enough shoe prints on it to say people didn't understand it was actually the art.

Seriously, what has the art world come to? Such bullshit!

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