August 21, 2011

Simple snaps and pondering

Two simple photos taken from the elevated subway tracks, coming from the Bronx.

Today's thought...

After losing both my mother and Mario in the past few years I often (constantly) find myself pondering the existence of God, the authenticity of Christianity, Buddhism, reincarnation and atheism. So far I still haven't read or heard anything that REMOTELY sounds feasible or plausible.

I found this definition of religion: The belief in and worship of superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or Gods.

Today while reading a blog written by a photojournalist and war correspondent I came upon this quote: "Do you believe in a personal, loving God who really cares about us mortals down here? Go to a few war zones and famine areas and watch all those innocent children die, then answer this question...."

Scratch Christianity. For now, I continue to be agnostic (which loosely means I don't have any idea, nor belief, in whom or what may be running the cosmos).

The search continues....

1 comment:

  1. If one thinks of God as a person in the sky controlling things they will be seriously disappointed as persons are pretty strange and that would certainly make god strange.Best to think of a unifying source that we can all Tap into with the right attitude of appreciation, gratefulness and love of course.