August 13, 2011

Many things...

Wednesday night my very good friend Mike Breen called from Virginia and told he had just seen a band called The Eric Tessmer Band at Payne's Biker Bar the previous night in Leesburg and suggested I check them out. They were playing at a bar called Stout on W. 33rd Street. I had just finished dinner with Nemo who was in town for work and the bar was just a few blocks away so I went. As I walked in I could already hear the band who was downstairs. Mike had warned me they were extremely loud. There was a sparse crowd which surprised me being a Thursday night in the city. The guitar player, Eric Tessmer, is obviously a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and had down most of his licks/bends/technique and sound. Being very dark in the bar I decided to take some snaps and make them artsy--long shutter speeds, blurs using high ISO.

He was a pretty good guitar player and quite the showman.

What's better than hearing a good band, sipping Magners cider and taking photos? Not much! A fun night.

Hat seller on Prince Street today in Soho.

Couples on a bench on Carmine St. Someone should've introduced the "bookends" to each other.

Shot today on Greenwich Ave. The tiles (and shadows of) that memorialize the WTC. So many fall and break as the years pass.

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