October 29, 2011

Big Things

In Central Park there are a few guys drawing crowds, equipped with only buckets and sticks. They fill the bucket with water and dish liquid. They tie some rope on the end of two long sticks, making a noose-like thing that reminds me of something you might see a Vietnamese fisherman using. Then they dip this "noose" into the soapy bucket, pull the noose apart, let the wind blow into the opening and suddenly they're making giant bubbles. Fairly effortless. Now, take some kid, teach them to do it, have Mom and Dad toss a few bucks in the tip bucket... Brilliant.

My local 99-cent store.... The sign pretty much sums things up. There are few items that cost 99 cents, my observation has been that most items start around $1.49.
I like the charm of a small house, so much more than some big McMansion that takes forever to heat, to cool, to clean, to paint, to maintain, to furnish, with its high taxes and glut of unused space. Most people I know with large homes have at least two unused rooms that end up being used for storage. Not to mention they're an environmental nightmare. Unless you have a very large family, big homes are nothing more than an ego trip--"Look what I have, look what I've acquired, look how successful I am." And sadly, when you finally get that big energy-sucking Castle remember this: nobody cares and nobody is impressed. It represents gluttony and debt. No one needs over 500 sq. ft. per human.

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