October 27, 2011

Coney Island in the Fall

Yesterday I made the hour+ subway trek to Coney Island, starting at at 6:15 in the morning. First stop was at McDonald's for the weakest, nastiest cup of coffee I've had in years. I finally arrived shortly after sunrise. The morning light was nice, the beach was somewhat uninhabited and more filthy than I had expected, with litter strewn everywhere. Walking toward Brighton Beach (dubbed "Little Odessa" because many of the residents came from that city in the Ukraine), you hear the locals speaking to one another in Russian while out for their morning walks along the boardwalk. The walk from Coney to Brighton and back was probably 5 miles or so. My last journey there until next year.

These people enjoy the sun. It was a chilly 56 degrees and I was dressed in layers while many of the locals were shirtless, all with faces aimed towards the sun.

Coney Island camping. A sleeping bag and a fake palm tree, what more do you need?

Ukrainian stroller with fish.

The usually crowded (and disgusting) public bathroom, now empty for the season.

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