October 16, 2011

The Protest

Out of curiosity I went to the protest down by Wall Street. The park was smaller than I expected and I found it full of exactly the type people I expected to be there. Many of whom were hippies, bums, street urchins and near homeless people who probably don't vote and surely don't have bank accounts large enough for corporate executives to care what they think of the banking/trading industries. People with low to no income seem to care a lot more about these issues than people with lots of money which I find odd. Why does a person with $95 in their account give a shit about corporate greed? In the whole crowd I saw one guy nicely dressed with an expensive watch. I doubt many of the protesters actually know what they're protesting. But, many people did have signs that struck a nerve.

How true! Thank you Mr Bush (you dumb son of a bitch).

Like I've always said... most people are basically stupid and sheep-like. Give them a job and a few benefits and they're happy. People question very little in life.

The sign should include Democrats. Sadly, most Americans (sheep) actually believe that by casting their vote they may have some effect on making changes in our government. How naive people are. It's all a sham. Name one time in the last 50 years this has happened.

I have no idea what these women stood for. But, they had the least clothing on...

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