October 20, 2011

Random Crap

In the Bronx yesterday I glanced up to see this nice sky. (Yes I like the large glowing lamp in the middle of the shot.)

In Chelsea I noticed an impromptu Michael Jackson shoot going on.

More protesters.... They're diligent, you have to give them that.

Do you really think your vote counts? It's a joke. ALL politicians are getting funds from some crooked source somewhere (oil, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies). Therefore they can never be unbiased and truly change anything.

I have constant arguments with my friends who drive SUVs. I believe ALL cars should be required to get at least 30-35 mpg. If your car gets less, you're a Gashole. Americans want to be less dependent on fossil fuels yet nobody wants to compromise comfort and convenience and give up their big-assed, gas-guzzling luxury vehicles.

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