March 18, 2012

Everything Good Is Bad

Why is it that ALL things that taste great are bad for you? Ice cream, butter, croissants, pasta, chocolate, sugar, milk, all pastries, pancakes, booze, candy, red meat, processed meat, non-organic fruits and vegetables. Shit, not much left. And what is left, doesn't taste all that great. I tried to eat a bowl of berries ("nature's candy") but without a bit of sugar or honey they weren't all that great. Ever eat plain oatmeal? Tastes like wallpaper paste. I do love my Fuji apples, cantaloupe, watermelon but they're all seasonal. Basically, all the really good stuff kills you.

I hate to admit it but I love Pepsi. Knowing it's bad for me I only allow myself maybe two a week. Yesterday I saw this article in the paper and immediately grabbed my chest. Now I can't even have that... ever.

They can put a man on the moon but they can't make a single sweet treat that is healthy and delicious.. I find that amazing...and sad.

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