March 23, 2012

[Art Night, cont.]

Ridiculous crappy art for around five grand. Seriously?

A naked painted lady strolling the Mick Rock show. She got a lot more attention than his 70s era snapshots. He's gone a bit too "Warhol" for my taste. Taking his classic old snapshots of rock and roll legends and overly manipulating them in Photoshop, taking them away from their original, and better, state. Overall.... they sucked. A lesson that most of the time "reinvention" doesn't work.

Interesting ceramic piece.

More stupid art that looks like a six year old painted it: $10K

An owl made from cardboard and rubber bands. $4K. Whoever buys this should be locked away in an asylum. It'll never sell and will be in a recycling bag by next week. Total bullshit.

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