March 4, 2012

Tell It Like It Is

New Yorkers vent in creative ways. That's why I like having a blog. I love having a forum to bitch and rant about the things I dislike (as well as the things I love). My friends who read my blog will usually tell me I'm crotchety after I post something they don't agree with.
Someone scribbled their two cents on about 20 of these subway notices posted along the West 4th Street platform. Track construction makes travel very inconvenient at times and it never seems to end. I guess writing "You son of a bitch" on every notice made that person feel better.

This scribble was on fire hose bag in the stairwell of an art gallery in Chelsea. Seems an odd place to make a political statement.

This was on a bicycle parked in Soho. Evidently bike shops are usually run by unfriendly people. Zen Bikes claims, "We're not dicks!!!" Great sales slogan!

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