March 11, 2012

Game Change

I watched the movie "Game Change" last night and all I can say is "holy shit." I remember the first time I saw Sarah Palin and wondered how such a dim-witted, uninteresting, self-proclaimed "soccer mom" could actually get that close to being the vice president of our country. Then again, the biggest imbecile in the world, George W. Bush, became president. Why and how am I surprised at Americans' stupidity? And poor McCain, convinced by advisers to choose her as his running mate, was in the dark about how stupid she was until it was too late. His staff protected him to a fault. I actually feel bad for the old guy. He may have won that election had he picked someone else.

I suggest everyone watch this movie on HBO. Especially those of you who were stupid enough to vote for Palin. Because if you actually pulled that lever with her name on it, even after her countless media screw-ups, you will be ashamed of your own stupidity. Then again, those same people pulled levers for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush at the voting booth and can't (or won't) believe they're two of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

And now it looks like the Republicans will have Romney. Another bible-thumping, pro-life half-wit trying to win over other gullible morons with his campaign promises. But this time (I pray) the smarter man will again win. Like him or not, history will show that Obama's eight years in office will have been a hell of a lot better than Bush's war-infused, financial-implosion fiasco. Thank God that moron is gone. I actually point and laugh at people who admit to ever voting for Bush Jr. And, if you were stupid enough to vote for him, hopefully you have realized your mistake and will try to redeem yourself.

Or, then again, maybe you don't regret it, which again shows how stupid and gullible some Americans can be. When, even after all the facts are compiled they still stand behind their man... or woman.

I'm sure skeptics will claim "Game Change" is a some sort of liberal-biased propaganda film. I laugh at them too. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Here's how it works:

If you voted for Reagan = You made a mistake.

If you voted for Bush/Cheney the first time = You were stupid.

If you voted for Bush/Cheney the second time = Really? You should be ashamed of yourself.

If you voted for McCain/Palin = You need serious psychiatric evaluation.

If you're planning to vote for Romney = Please don't vote. You're obviously mentally retarded and not capable of making logical decisions.

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