July 22, 2012

Back from Virginia

I arrived in Virginia on the Fourth of July to help with some family matters. My sister, her husband Harry and I went to the fireworks show at my old alma mater, Fairfax High School. Everything was going along fine with the usual explosions, startled kids crying and screaming, applause, ooohs and ahhhs from the crowd, but after a few minutes the fireworks sort of sputtered to a halt. People waited for the grand finale but it never came. The stadium lights came on and people slowly dispersed. Evidently there was a technical malfunction. You'd think a fireworks company having 364 days to practice for the big event could get it right. Apparently not, they still managed to screw it up... Good job!

 Plastic cups stuck in a fence in my old neighborhood. "Rural" patriotism at its best!

A few days into my stay I collaborated with my good friend Christina shooting these images behind her barn. She's always a good sport willing to listen to my ideas. She didn't bat an eye at my mud idea.

On a day trip to Frederick, Maryland, a "local" suggested I go to the county fairgrounds just outside of town. When I got there I found they were having Mexican wrestling. To add to that, the headliner was Mexican midget wrestling. And what's more fun than fighting midgets? Security and the promoters were all very kind and let me shoot up close. I went the "artsy" route with blurs and shallow depth of field. My first wrestling experience, a great day with a totally unexpected outcome.

Toro Pequeno (little bull)


  1. Like the nudes, I think someone would pay for them in your show. Good luck. :)