July 24, 2012


They evidently sell a lot of loose beans, rice and cooking oil in Inwood. Dan's grocery stacks these items 10 feet high in front of the store. Each time I walk by, it reminds me of the Andreas Gursky photograph "99 cent," which sold for millions a few years back (go figure).

Dressed in a clean white robe with a white bag next to him, this man sat Indian style next to the tracks as if meditating. We made brief eye contact and he showed no expression or emotion, though he didn't appear to be mentally disturbed. As the train arrived, he made no effort to get up. I stepped on and again we made eye contact, through the window as the train pulled away.

The very first time I came to New York in the 80s, I remember riding the subway through either Queens or Brooklyn and seeing laundry hanging between apartment buildings. That image seemed very nostalgic and old fashioned to me. It's not as prevalent these days so whenever I see clothes hanging anywhere I feel compelled to stop and take a snap.  

I found this image on my point-and-shoot camera from my day in Red Hook. I remember being puzzled, with no indication as to why a wig drop would even exist and who might be dropping these wigs off. So odd.

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  1. Location seems a bit odd but cancer survivors may donate them. Good wigs are expensive.