July 23, 2012

Shelter, Rain, Air

I've never wanted the responsibility of owning a home. I have no desire to landscape, don't especially like to mow grass, heating and air conditioning cost a fortune and I don't want to deal with the constant repairs and upkeep. Maybe one day I'd like to have a little cottage, cabin or even an Airstream trailer tucked off in the woods.

But, there is this one house. A house I've dreamed of owning for over 25 years. It's located in Frederick, Maryland, across from Hood College. If I ever have an extra million dollars lying around I'll knock on the door and make an offer... I love that house.

Driving home late one evening in Virginia it began to rain. Just before I turned on the wipers I snapped a photo through the windshield..

I stopped by a local thrift store in Fairfax and noticed a very nice mountain bike leaning against some speakers. I instantly noticed its nice components. It had two flat tires and stickers all over it. An employee walked up and said, "We were asking $25 but you can have it for $20." I thought for a moment and wheeled it to the register. On my way home I stopped at a gas station to fill the tires. The last time I put air in a tire it cost 25 cents. I thought that was outrageous. Now, it's a dollar, everywhere. And, they justify it by telling you that by paying a dollar for that air you're helping to feed starving children. Such bullshit. I didn't have any quarters anyway. Later, I took the bike to a local bike shop. The guy who did the checkup and service told me the bike was a steal. I spent $19 and me and my new bike were ready to take on Pike's Peak.

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