September 24, 2012

Past Few Days

I'm still looking up. Beautiful clouds over the Hudson River. Upper Upper West Side.

Gray car, gray building, gray pavement. I often wondered what the correct spelling for the color is--here's the answer: Grey (with an e) is generally used in Great Britain where gray (with an a) is generally used here in the States.

I followed this sign to Washington Square park, where Ingrid and I sat in the sun, watched crazy people enjoy the last days of warm weather and enjoyed a nice long chat. It did lead us to happiness.

Looking up. Last light, around 31st and 9th Ave.

Last night Ingrid and I stopped in at my favorite spot, The Hummus Place. Mushroom hummus, small health salad, pita, hot sauce.... perfect.

Claiming not to be hungry, once the food arrived Ingrid couldn't help herself. She ate half.

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