September 28, 2012

The Tale of the Ugly Foot

Tonight I was headed downtown on the A express train on my way to my usual Thursday night gallery openings. A woman sat down next to me, crossed her legs, pulled out a book and began to read. I glanced down to see one of the ugliest feet I've ever seen. Knowing I must capture this horrific sight I immediately pulled my camera out and pretended to be previewing photos by looking at the back of my screen. I secretly shot in the general direction of the ugly foot, but didn't capture it. I put the camera on wide angle and fired again thinking I would crop later. Reviewing the photo, I knew I could do better. I glanced at her face to see if I had been detected but could tell she was fully engrossed in her book. I fired off a third frame and felt I had gotten my shot. A second later she changed positions. The foot was hidden. A few minutes later, somewhere between 125th Street and 59th Street, the foot reappeared. I threw caution to the wind, hit the zoom button and fired recklessly, aiming directly at the ugly foot. I slipped my dark sunglasses over my eyes and continued to stare at that disgusting overlapping toe. I wondered why this woman hadn't gotten surgery or at least refrained from EVER wearing sandals again to hide this hideous sight from others.  

Failed first attempt

Wide angle

Third attempt


Final thought: Perhaps she had a fear of the subway and secretly crossed all of her appendages, including fingers AND toes, hoping to arrive safely at her destination. Then again, probably not.

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