September 19, 2012

Rough Seas and More Bad Art

I had some interesting days of shooting last week. Still life, a fashion presentation, dresses for I also shot backstage at the Perry Ellis men's runway show (below). I may have found myself the perfect new hat. Looked like a big fuzzy version of an equestrian helmet/hat.

Today I decided to hop on the Staten Island ferry. The water was very choppy with high winds. I felt like a cast member on Deadliest Catch. 

Back on land I snapped the #1 train in Inwood as I was leaving the platform.

I constantly struggle with my own creative abilities. Are my best photographs worthy of a gallery show? Each Thursday I go in and out of these galleries around the city and I walk away at the end of the night scratching my head at the bullshit I see on the walls. Am I missing something? Are blocks of wood mounted on walls and Cheerios in a trashcan lid beyond my comprehension? I truly wish someone could explain this to me. I'm convinced that you can basically make anything out of anything, hang it on a wall and call it art. This shit makes me crazy. 

Last week's art crawl...a disaster. This lovely piece called "White Pine" by William Tucker was around $150K. I will never understand the art world...ever.

Same artist, titled "Trap." Over $100K (yes, thousand). Looks pretty much like an old metal bed frame you might find in a trash heap.

Different gallery.  This brilliant piece was simple canvas splattered with a small amount of paint. Gallery pal Iris pointed out the toilet brush used to splatter the paint was hanging by a hook in the corner.... Really?

Artist (term used loosely) Robert Thiele. Block of wood about 6 inches square. Looks like a bed riser with red paint... $1800. Again, really? (Bargain: Ikea, set of 6, $5.99)

Cheerios floating in a milk-like substance in a trash can lid. Seriously?

Eight speakers mounted to the wall. No sound, just old speakers. 

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