January 6, 2013

A Lovely Stroll

Yesterday was a good day for a long stroll so I went to the Chelsea art galleries. I happened upon a gallery with the works of Romare Bearden. Oils, watercolors, quilts and what I think were his best works, collages. In fact, the New York Times called him "the nation's foremost collagist." 
Most produced between the mid-1950s through the mid-70s. Early works were very crude, made of brown paper scraps, which later evolved into more colorful, multi-media works adding drawings and watercolors into the pieces. The prices were well into the six figures with a few around a million. Inspired, I came home, pulled out some old magazines and started cutting....   

Walking into another gallery I saw a little green ball on the floor. I picked it up and immediately heard the scratching of claws against the concrete floor coming towards me. Suddenly she stopped, motionless, waiting. Staring at the ball in my hand with intense concentration, anticipating where I might throw it. Lulu, the gallery dog.

Reflections in the IAC Frank Gehry building on the West Side.

Walking along the High Line at sunset. One of the better strolls in the city.

The Standard Hotel

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