January 26, 2013

Nothing to Report

Not long ago I experienced a sudden infestation of flies. I checked all the trash cans, checked the entire apartment but couldn't find the source of entry. Being especially fast and having a fondness for sticking to the ceiling, I was having very little success killing them with a rolled up magazine. I ran to the local 99 cent store and bought a fly swatter (pack of 3 for $1) and an old school fly strip. I immediately stalked and killed seven. Three others stuck themselves to the flystrip. I whacked another in mid-flight but couldn't find him on the ground.... A few minutes later I discovered him on the bottom of my foot. Lovely. Within a few hours my fly problem was over. Still a mystery. 

Two locks, 100 feet apart.

I miss my old apartment downtown; pre-George Nelson daybed and curtains.

The little gap between two buildings on Spring Street.

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