January 22, 2013

Green-Wood's Rhytidome

Today my friend Eileen and I made a trek out to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Fearing hypothermia, I wore long johns under my jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, a quilted flannel shirt, and the puffiest Eddie Bauer down jacket ever produced. On top of it all, a hat, a scarf and ski gloves. I froze my ass off.

Green-Wood Cemetery is the final resting place to some 540,000 people (yes, over half a million). It's huge expanse of rolling hills which encompasses 478 acres. Full of countless ornate mausoleums built by families of wealthy New Yorkers. Recently hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the grounds, taking out over 290 mature trees.

Steering away from grave sites, I ended up focusing on one certain type of tree (yet to be determined). The natural texture, nicks, cuts, ridges and splits in the rhytidome, or, to you non-botanists, bark. I think I'll go back when it's above freezing and shoot more texture photos.

Afterward we shared some arroz con pollo at a crappy Mexican dive. Aside from the bitter arctic chill it was a nice day of wandering.

A Beautiful Fungus

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