January 16, 2013

Horsefinger and Other Oddities

These two photos were snapped a week apart in Soho. Obviously someone in the neighborhood is offended by this ad to the point of voicing their opinion with this yellow paper protest. I think if they looked around (within blocks) they might find something a bit more offensive than this.

  Mailbox Horsefinger

My father hates when I use foul language on my blog. He tells his friends to read it and then I drop the "F-bomb," which embarrasses him. But, I found this odd, someone taking the time to write this next to the curb. Sorry Dad.  

Many stores have cats. I'm assuming for mouse control. Occasionally they wander outside but always seem on the verge of panic when the door closes behind them. They wait impatiently and then scramble to get inside once a customer leaves. Later they wander out again and repeat the feline anxiety.

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