July 2, 2013

Just for the Fun of It

My friend Olga and I decided to take some pictures on Sunday afternoon. We hadn't shot anything together in quite awhile and had no concept of what to do, nor did we have a place to shoot. Expecting rain I asked my friend Kristi, who was away in Florida, if we could use her apartment. Olga went into "stylist mode" and wrapped herself with a piece of white fabric and then tied some simple black tulle in her hair.  She stood next a window, looked at me and said "Do Meisel."  Voila...Vogue. If nothing else, we had fun.

The other day my friend Tatiana and I went to Central Park and laid (or is it layed?) in the sun on my $4 tie-dyed thrift store sheet. The ground was a little damp so we had to double it. A late start, but the tan has begun.

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