July 1, 2013

Bad Blogger Update

 Walking down the street in Chelsea the other day I saw a dead dragonfly on the ground. I stopped, picked it up and studied it. I was fascinated with the incredible detail of him especially in the eyes and the wings. Like a little intricate helicopter. More than a few people stopped while I was taking photos asking what I was shooting. I guess like me, one doesn't often see recently deceased dragon flies lying around the sidewalks of Manhattan. 

 Cab driver taking a quick nap on a found mattress on 18th street. I'd have to be pretty damned tired to rest on a discarded mattress. 

 Sleeping watchman in the Chelsea Art District

 I don't mind artsy, witty or interesting graffiti but this was a waste of paint... I mean, why bother? Stupid.

Speaking of stupid: Recent show of Jeff Koons's RIDICULOUS... "sculptures"? Have a "team" of people copy some ancient Greek statues and place a blue orb on each one. One of the stupidest, nonsensical things I've seen in an art gallery in years. And, Koons is laughing all the way to the bank. Notice to art world: Wake the f#ck up and stop buying into this absurd bullshit!!!

My good friend Aly and her family are moving to Berkeley California next month and I went to going away party for them. Beautiful apartment in Tribeca with a great view (34th floor). But, the schools there are so much better, and, they can get so much more for their money where they're going. She's been here for 20 years and feels it's time for a change. She's been a very good friend, I wish them well. I'm always sad when a friend leaves the city.  My friend Brooke is moving to California this week as well. Everyone is leaving.

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