July 17, 2013

Nights of Music

My lovely and talented niece Laura and her boyfriend Jameson's band Lobo Marino was playing in a little bar/coffee shop in Brooklyn Sunday night. Coming from Inwood combined with various track repairs made the journey quite the trek.. The A train to the F train to the J train to a bus. We got there at 9:00pm and watched a few acts before they went on. Though there was no A/C and the venue had the same temperature as a Bikram yoga studio, it was a very fun show. Leaving at midnight it took nearly 2 hours to get back to my apartment. Well worth the journey. I was a proud uncle.

 Easily 95 degrees

Monday night I got a call around 5:30pm from my friends at Conde Nast to shoot "what they're wearing" at the Philharmonic in Central Park. What I found was 100,000 people dripping in sweat. I walked through the crowd for an hour an a half searching for anyone wearing anything remotely "designer-like". Any other time of year this would be a piece of cake. With temps in the 90s, however, nearly everyone was in shorts and a t-shirt. But, I found some kind people who posed for me. Mission accomplished, I found my friends Michael and Neal who were having a picnic and who graciously shared their fresh vegetable platter, hummus, grapes, cold water and the most deadly cosmos I've ever had... Three of those and I could barely walk to the subway (I'm such a lightweight). I rolled in at midnight drunk, took a shower and went to bed. Great night.

 Just as the music stopped, there was a nice 15 minute firework display at the south end of the park. A perfect ending.

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