August 29, 2013

The Swarm

Yesterday I met my friend Olga on the Upper West Side to shoot a few photos she needed for some possible modeling gig. We walked over to West End Ave., took some simple head shots, and then over to the Boat Basin to shoot a few body shots (see last image). There's a beautiful old stone hallway leading into the Basin, which houses a restaurant called the Boat Basin Cafe. Thinking it would open later than 4:00 pm, we started shooting. Minutes later, patrons started showing up, looking a bit bewildered as to what we were doing. Olga standing there in a skimpy bikini, me clicking away, barking out orders. We ignored them, the light was great and we got what she needed. Afterwards we went into the bar and had a beer. A little later we stopped at 72nd Street across from the Dakota and sat on a bench to talk before catching the train. Olga looked up to see a large swarm of mosquitoes descending on us, barely visible against the darkening sky. I popped up my flash on my trusty point-and-shoot and snapped in the general direction of the swarm. I clicked off a few frames and we quickly walked over to a bench across the path to avoid massive blood loss. 

Once home I discovered some oddly sharp detail in my random shots of the bugs. Looking closely, they almost look like little astronauts floating in space like the ones you see from the space shuttle. Okay, that's a stretch, but I was sort of amazed that I even got anything snapping randomly up at the sky. I did get some strange looks from tourists sitting nearby. 

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 Sunset CPW

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