August 10, 2013


Thursday I did another shoot with 20/20 magazine. I decided to steer away from a standard "strobe" type lighting setup. It's much easier to throw up a big softbox or octabank, leaving it in one place and blast away. This time I used a few hotlights with my camera on a tripod, shooting at very slow shutter speeds. I was moving the lights around constantly to accentuate certain details on the glasses. The backgrounds were an old piece of gray felt I bought at a thrift store for a few dollars, and a simple piece of black fabric. I experimented with very shallow depth of field and strong backlight. It has a much more dramatic feel (to me) than one broad soft light. It was a perfect day with a beautiful studio and a great crew. I could do this every day and be perfectly content.

Tuesday was a bit different. I was shooting at Josie Natori's studio on 33rd and Madison. WWD likes simple clean lighting. One light setup and a good model. Easy shooting. Shooting lingerie and loungewear is not a bad way to spend an afternoon. 

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