January 20, 2010

DVF & Birds

I did a portrait of Diane von Furstenberg today for McFadden publishing. Second time I've shot her in a month. The interview went longer than expected... no surprise. So, I got 5 minutes to do a cover and inside story. I need to take a lesson from Annie Leibovitz and put my foot down.

I haven't lost my mind... completely. I was walking down the street in Chelsea and some lady was throwing bird seed out for the pigeons. I once told another lady not to feed them, as there are signs everywhere. But she screamed at me, "How would you like to go hungry?" This time, being the "new, improved, non-confrontational Stephen" I didn't say anything. I walked through the flock and this one popped up just as I fired a snap with the trusty Fuji point and shoot. Is it interesting? Not particularly, I was just taken by the way these fat little things get off the ground. Leaning forward, bringing the wings out front, pushing that air. Sort of amazing. Shit, maybe I have lost my mind. Like Brando in his final years sitting around watching ants all day.

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