January 30, 2010

Look, up in the sky...

After a sudden brief snowstorm the skies cleared leaving the last moments of a beautiful golden, reddish sunset.

I like to close one of my eyes and line up the moon with something like the corner of a building.

While walking through Central Park the other afternoon a large hawk swooped into a tree just above me. He sat in that tree for the longest time. I only had a short zoom lens with me. Then after staring in one direction for a few seconds he took off flying very fast soaring just a few feet above the ground, probably making some unfortunate squirrel his dinner. I'm amazed that these large majestic birds thrive in Central Park. A few minutes before, that I saw a large raccoon run into a holly bush. Like I've said before, sometimes it's like being in Vermont.

Trees are just as beautiful with no leaves at all against the evening sky.

Walking out of the park heading down 73rd street I looked up to see the lights on in this upper floor apartment. I love staring into windows. I always wonder who lives there, what do they do for a living and what the apartment looks like inside. I always assume it's amazing. It has to be.

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