January 19, 2010

I've got nothing to say...

I haven't felt like writing much lately. Or talking for that matter. Since finishing that book A New Earth most of my blogging material seems pointless. Not necessarily everything, just anything controversial. I realized that I've wasted so much time in the past trying to make my point regarding such topics as politics, religion, Obama, Bush, global warming, war, overpopulation, nutrition, kids, materialism, gas guzzling SUVs, our dependency on oil, or all the plastic floating in the ocean... and for what? According to the book, to boost my ego. That book made me realize that I probably won't change someone's mind about anything and arguing is pointless. When someone tries to start an argument or become confrontational you can instantly stop it about 99% of the time by smiling and saying,"Okay, whatever." If you practice this, it becomes easier each time. Turn the other cheek. So at least that's the mode I'm in right now. It's futile to try and fight with someone. Arguing and fighting are all based on ego. The need to make your point, to feel superior. People believe what they believe and more than likely you won't change their mind anyway, so why try?

Here are some recent snaps:

Imagine you're taking a leisurely bike ride on the upper west side. A nice quiet neighborhood. Parents pushing strollers, walking their dogs, kids skipping down the sidewalks. You stop and lock up your new $800 Cannondale bike and go do some errands. An hour later you return to find this: The thief didn't only steal your bike, he took practically everything, didn't even leave the frame. Just the lock and a wheel, not even the tire. Amazing.
I saw this sad sight the other night after having dinner. The scenario was conjured up in my brain while staring at that locked tireless wheel.
That bike could have been there for 3 years before being stolen for all I know.

Realistic life sized nude sculpture looking down on 23rd street. (click on photo)

Last trip home. I kept looking at the windshield instead of what was beyond it. Notice the drips on the glass.

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