January 5, 2012

My Holiday Joy

I'm back from my journey(s). First I went to Virginia to spend some time with my family and friends. A bit stressful for many reasons. It's very hard (and annoying) to try to coordinate around other people's schedules. When they work, when they can fit me in for a visit, when they prefer to eat and sleep, what restaurants they like. On top of that, I cracked a tooth eating a chocolate chip cookie of all things. Went to a dentist who took an X-ray, frowned and said, "You need a root canal and a crown. It'll be $2991.00." Lovely. Or, I can have it yanked out of my head for around $100. Either way, he let me know it's going to start hurting soon. I've weighed my options and I'm thinking I might have it pulled. Then I'll go to Home Depot, buy a small piece of wood, carve a small bicuspid out of it and paint it white... Like George Washington. Really? They can't fix a small molar for under 3 grand?

Anyway, it's very apparent that I annoy a few people on my visits home so I'll try to work on that this year (good luck with that). Or, perhaps those who mumble under their breath about my "attitude" should consider that for the past 17+ years it's always me that comes to see them. I don't see any of my friends or family dragging 100lbs of crap 300 miles to visit me. Very few have ever even attempted a trip to "big and scary" New York City. Come to think of it, no one has ever come solely for a visit except my friend Amber from Vancouver. The few that have come, incorporated seeing me into another reason to be here, such as work or seeing a Broadway show.
And then they scratch their heads and wonder about my "negative" attitude and annoyed disposition. It's easy to point fingers when you're sitting in your own comfy house with your thumb up your ass doing things on your own schedule. Try living out of a suitcase for a week waiting on people to make time for you. And, who make very little effort comparatively.

Here's a challenge to all: Get off your fat, lazy, boring, mundane, suburban asses, pack a bag, drag it up to NYC on a bus, train or plane, followed by an hour long subway ride up to the Dominican ghetto and 7+ hours later show me your cheery attitude when someone can't fit you into their demanding schedule.
Assholes! Yes, that means you....

On a brighter note. On the 29th I flew down to Atlanta where I met with some non-boring adventuresome friends and drove up through Kentucky and Tennessee. We made plans to go to a few churches way off the beaten path. My friend Kim did a spectacular job coordinating the whole thing. The first two services we watched were like nothing I'd ever seen before. Within 5 minutes the music was blaring, feet were stomping, tamborines pounded and people were wailing in tongues. Soon, the snakes were out of their boxes. Some services were very warm and inviting. Others were more ritualistic and dark. From a photojournalism standpoint all of it was amazing.

I already feel the need to go back.

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  1. I enjoyed your visit. Yes we did have to scedule a visit around my scedule. Im just glad we had one after 19 month's yet we have kept in touch all that time. Thank you for stopping in my town.Thank you for lunch
    too! Might have been brief, but I had a nice time with you & our friend Kim who is a lovely person! Yes some might say you are a bit sarcastic I have met worse. Talk soon!!!