January 25, 2012

The Worthwhile Journey

I hopped on the A train yesterday, transferring to the L train, venturing out to Bushwick into an industrial area deep in Brooklyn. Normally I wouldn't put forth so much effort (sad to say) but I felt compelled to create something. I didn't want to just shoot someone for the sake of shooting. Besides, I was promised that if I made the long hike, a reward of great images was guaranteed. The train took well over and hour, followed by a 10-minute walk carrying 35lbs of cameras, lights and stands. I mumbled to myself "this better be worth it" as I trekked through the rain.
Walking into the stark, sparsely furnished apartment I had serious reservations. What was I to do in a bare apartment? After the makeup was applied and the bits of clothing decided on, we began to shoot. Within the first 20 frames I knew the journey was worth the effort. Kori never disappoints. Ever. She never gets tired and has boundless energy. I'm so appreciative. And, as a bonus, we went to a nearby spot afterwards for my favorite tacos. A perfect afternoon.

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