January 27, 2012

Needle in a Haystack

Last night my friend Laura and I experienced another evening of bad art. Hitting Chelsea galleries is a hoot, but rarely results in an inspiring night. Finding good art is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The first gallery offered tents that were scented. One smelled like grass, another like exotic spices and another like an overly perfumed old lady from Sarasota. Nothing inside the tents, just aroma. "Scent sculptures", this made us laugh. Here's an idea: For a LOT less money, go to Costco, buy a simple outdoor party tent ($100, tops) and put a scented candle in it. There, you made art.

Another gallery. Tiny clay sculptures mounted on flimsy wire sticking out of the wall. Amateurish and childlike. Such bullshit.

Laura focuses in on a brilliant piece

Now here's pure genius. This piece was entitled "Brick Girl". Made of two bricks, wool and ponytail holders. Yours for only $1800. Seriously?

We both agreed that we are going to have t-shirts made up with the word "Really?" silk screened on the front in big letters. When we go to such a show, we'll introduce ourselves to the artist and without saying a word, point to our shirts. Mouth "Really?" silently.

The highlight of the evening was great Thai food and good conversation around the corner afterward.

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