February 28, 2012

Light and Wind

Walking down the street the other day at dusk, I glanced up to see the last light of the day cast upon this flag. I felt a moment of patriotism. It's nice that some buildings still fly our flag.

The next day, also at dusk, I noticed the tungsten glow of a single low wattage bulb in a window just off Tenth Ave.

In Central Park there's a large "sculpture" on the corner of 59th St. and Fifth Ave. A giant tornado made out of inner tubes and concrete. Genius! The description below calls it "arresting." Not exactly the word I'd use for it. Nor did I have the "visceral" experience it promises. "Massive but also vulnerable"? I love reading the long-winded descriptions of certain pieces of art that attempt to justify its existence. You almost feel guilty or stupid for not liking or not getting it. I'd love to know what the Public Art Fund paid the artist for this work.


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