May 4, 2012


While doing laundry, somewhere during my wash cycle or dry cycle I walked over to the Hudson River. I looked north and snapped a photo. I looked south and snapped a photo. For a brief moment I thought of buying a kayak.

I've gone to the Guggenheim twice in the last month. John Chamberlain's show is going on now, which looks to me like something you might find in a rural junkyard. Fenders, bumpers and various car parts squished and welded together into big blocks. I found his sculptures to be boring and redundant. I actually found it more entertaining to watch the people above me looking over the edge. Not good when you find the building more interesting than the art it houses (the Guggenheim is beautiful).

Francesca Woodman's work is also showing there, which was the reason I went. That show is dark, thought-provoking and beautiful.

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