May 8, 2012


The other day I was sitting on a bench in Central Park, right off Columbus Circle. I was by myself, bending wire and occasionally looking up to people watch. After about 15 minutes an elderly woman sat down next to me. I was a bit annoyed actually, there were plenty of empty benches. A few minutes passed and she must have noticed the pliers, my little sculpture and small spool of wire, she asked me what I was making. I explained that it was like knitting, it soothed me and the end result was almost unimportant. We struck up a conversation and she somehow got on the subject of her dog. She explained that "Sunshine" was a rescued 15-year-old pitbull. I can't explain it but I heard the words come from my mouth offering to photograph her and her old dog. Elderly woman, elderly dog, seemed interesting enough. She asked me in an abrasive, suspicious voice, "How much?" I told her I'd shoot them for free and she gave me the look of someone who thinks they're about to be swindled.

A few days later we set up a time to meet near her apartment in Tribeca. As I walked up to them on North Moore Street I was truly astonished at how fit and spry this dog Sunshine was. She looked to be about 5 years old. Lean and fit. After sensing my amazement, Jewel, the elderly woman, told me that the dog is on a very strict daily diet of 3/4 lb of raw meat mixed with various raw vegetables including bell peppers and cilantro. What dog has cilantro in its diet?

At a nearby dog run we both tossed the ball for Sunshine for about 45 minutes. I took many photos. Over and over, the dog would bring the ball back, drop it at our feet and wait for another throw. Each time running as fast and steady as the first toss. This animal was the Jack LaLanne of dogs. I've never seen anything like it...ever.

I think I need to start eating raw meat and cilantro.


  1. My Pit Bull mix DA'KO'TAH' from Melfa, VA (Mike Vic's back yard) could kick that dawgs ass. Just kidding- she's the prissiet junk yard mutt I've ever seen.

    Dad isn't doing to great lately. FYI


  2. My cynical side says that dog is actually south of 15 years old, but I am a sucker for a good dog story.

    We also have a pit bull now, brutalized by the 2 yorkies you met at our Bethesda townhouse.

    Looks like maybe your brother left the previous message. Time does fly, don't it?