May 29, 2012

Back from Virginia

Back from Virginia after a 10-day visit. It was my Dad's 80th birthday on May 18th and it would have been my mother's 79th on May 20th. Happy Birthday Dad (and Mom)!  Stopped by the cemetery and took a snap of Mom's grave. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since she passed.

I found some old photos in a box in Dad's basement. This is 100 years ago with my third camera. My first, a Minolta, was quickly traded for a Canon, which was quickly traded for a Nikon FE. The beginning of a long love affair.

Another found photo, this one of me with Keith Richards in Soho. My girlfriend Laura and I ran into him on one of my first visits to NYC many years ago. She took the photo. I think I tried to smile and my upper lip stuck to my gums...odd toothy embarrassing. Nice porn mustache....

Back in NYC. Good to be home. Last night walking through Times Square. It's Fleet Week...  A sailor gets lonely on those long deployments at sea.

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  1. I remember the day. Keith was eating at an outside cafe with Patty Hansen and two very cute little girls. I notices the kids you noticed them. I think you introduced yourself... Then later they were walking behind us. You said Hi to Keith and he remembered your name. You were in awe and asked for a picture. - - -
    I can't believe it almost been a year already since your Mom has passed. I remember receiving news, a sad day. Hope your Dad is doing well, I can't believe he's 80. Wow time flies and the older you get the faster it goes.