May 18, 2012

On Broadway (and off)

I had the very good fortune of photographing Tracie Bennett for Conde Nast this week. She's in a play about Judy Garland called "End of the Rainbow" now playing at the Belasco Theater on 44th Street. She's getting rave reviews.

I never know what I'll get when shooting backstage or in a dressing room. They're always dark and dimly lit and you never know what type of interaction you'll have with an actor. And, to make matters worse, the local union won't let you plug in any lights. So, you have to rely on battery-powered strobes. Tiny room, no light, usually huge egos...sign me up.

I was waiting outside (for my turn with her) in a dark rainy alley and she came out and lit up a cigarette. Much to my surprise Tracie was a pistol. Tiny little woman with a heavy Manchester accent. She was amazing. Very sweet, funny, and best of all incredibly accommodating. I had one light and she posed for me any way I asked. Afterwards we walked outside for a smoke and I snapped a photo with my point and shoot.  My finest Broadway experience--ever!

Old stage door at the Belasco. I wonder who's gone in and out of that door since its opening in 1907.

 "Judy's" eyelashes

 I often fall asleep on the long ride home from downtown. The train rocks and clacks and lulls many to sleep. Stepping off recently, I saw this person and decided I should try to stay awake from now on. Most people are not pretty sleepers.

While strolling the High Line the other evening, I saw this construction worked assembling some sort of art piece. Two guys who seemed like a money guy and a foreman watched and talked about the project. Later it struck me as an odd photo...the perspective...a little man.

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