December 2, 2012

Around Town

On the way to the Inwood post office I stumbled upon this makeshift shrine. In my 3+ years of living here I've seen many candles in front of apartment buildings after a longtime resident has passed away but this was a first. A few men were sitting in lawn chairs nearby and I stopped to ask about the details. The person for whom the shrine was erected for was a gentleman apparently known as "Suave," a man in his mid-thirties who evidently met his demise on a scooter at a nearby intersection. Whose fault it was was not determined. Dominican people make a very big deal out of death. 

I see these stickers often. I wonder what the person who created them gets out of sticking them on everything.

Art or vandalism, you be the judge. Soho.

With all Soho lofts now running into the millions of dollars you'd think they'd have better, updated intercom systems. Most buildings still have a similar mish-mash of these owner-installed, antiquated buzzers. Looks sort of half-assed and cool at the same time. 

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