December 16, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
             I admit, I have not been a good little boy this year. I cringed every time I did something bad, those words ringing in my ears, "He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake...." If you've been watching, though I was bad, you know I had a lot of fun. So, if you can possibly forgive me for my inappropriate behavior, here's my Christmas list:

iPad (the big one)
iPhone 5 (I will finally succumb to technology)
Sony NEX6 or Fuji  XE1 (new street camera)
Canon 5D MkIII (new work camera)
37-inch LG TV
Cuisinart food processor (small, not mini)
Telecaster guitar neck (mine's too fat)
Timberland Boots (size 9)
Socks (black, thick)
Some good paying jobs (advertising/catalog)

If you're feeling overly generous this year...

Airstream trailer (31 footer)
Small cabin in woods with 5 acres
Loft in Soho (doesn't hurt to ask)

And lastly, 
End to world hunger 
A ban on assault weapons

That's it Santa. I'm very grateful and fortunate for what I already have in life. And I certainly don't expect everything on the list. How about 3 items?  Hugs, Stephen

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