December 4, 2012

Wildness, Ed

Some friends and family members have been a bit judgemental about me posting photos of the women that I shoot. I find this odd considering that most fashion magazines these days contain far more risque photographs than anything I ever post. Recently a female friend asked "Why do you do that Stephen?" I responded with an old joke I remembered as a kid which went something like this:

A guy looks at his friend and says, "I wonder why dogs lick their own balls?"
After pondering the question for a moment the friend looks back at his buddy and says, "'Cause they can." 

If that doesn't make any sense to you then maybe this will: There was an episode from my favorite TV show Northern Exposure where one of the main characters, Chris, gets caught stealing radios from the local townspeople. When his friend asks him why he did it he replies, "Wildness Ed, wildness. Sometimes you have to do something bad just to know you're alive."

So, with that said... "I can," therefore, I do. And, given the opportunity and the right circumstances so would every straight man alive.Your husband, your dad, your boyfriend and yes, even sweet old grampa.  If you think I'm wrong you're sadly mistaken, believe me. 

We just decided to take some photos. A few crappy lights, a wig, a point-and-shoot camera. Just for fun...and, to remind us we're alive. 

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