December 10, 2012


I saw this hand-printed sign left over from hurricane Sandy. Contradictory and stupid, I'm curious why anyone would even take the time to staple it to a wall. 

"I need"? ...Perhaps to add something to this?

I walked by this guy working in this dumpster. About 40 minutes later I happened to walk by again and he was still in the same place hard at work. That's precisely why I never worked construction.

Hot dog places are all around the city. Papaya Dog is the only one I've found with turkey dogs. I had an urge. Two dogs with a soda for $4. Loaded with sauerkraut, spicy mustard and ketchup. A delicious, unhealthy treat!

People are taking this whole electronics thing way too far. iPads, iPhones, iTouch, iPods, Androids, laptops, smartphones, cars with dvd players on the backs of seats to keep the kids quiet, gameboys, the Xbox, various tablets, Kindles, Google readers. When does it stop? I went to dinner with friends the other night and after coming back from the bathroom I noticed that every single person was checking their phones for tweets, texts, Facebook, emails, messages and Skype. This is really getting annoying....

And then there's this guy. Standing there for half an hour without moving, twiddling away on his Mac. This is ridiculous...seriously. And, saying this, I'm embarrassed to admit I still have a shitty flip phone...but, also sort of glad I do.

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