August 27, 2009

Bring on fall

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Glacial rocks are beautiful and go on for miles.

I was looking out over this mountain vista and noticed a large raven enjoying the view as well. Yes, they're ravens up there...not crows. I sat there for an hour...he didn't move.
I'm about done with summer. I need to find a place where it's fall all the time. Is there such a place? There are places where it's winter all the time. Places where it's summer all the time. I don't know of a place where it's fall all the time or I'd move there. Last year I went to Banff. I flew to Calgary, rented a car and drove north through Alberta. All by myself. For 90 miles there's not much... then, the most incredible views anyone could imagine. I've been a lot of places, including the American west (Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado), and nothing comes remotely close to this. The most amazing sites I've ever seen. It's about a 175 mile ride through Banff National Park. Only one gas station and once you get to Jasper on the north end, everything is ridiculously expensive. I paid $200+ for a crappy room with a bed that was short sheeted. The only other choice was a youth hostel at $45 a night. Co-ed rooms and a funky "hole in the floor toilet" bathroom. Six people to a room? Bunk beds? Not me, I'm too old for that shit. Whatever the price, I need to get back to Banff.

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