August 6, 2009

"Job well done Mr President"

Sadly our last president is too stupid to feel guilty about anything he did while in office. Starting 2 wars, tanking a once thriving economy and completely overturning many many major environmental accomplishments (my major beef with him). Knowing my deep hatred for this man someone sent me this nice article to fuel my disgust for this brainless twit. Here's an excerpt:

"Assuras cited two historians in her report, both of whom labeled Bush one of the nation's worst presidents. She first turned to historian Douglas Brinkley, who declared: "I think it's safe to say that President Bush is going to be seen as the very bottom-rung of American presidents...As a judicial historian looking at what's occurred on his watch, it is almost void of genuine accomplishment." The other historian Assuras included in her report was Joseph Ellis, who said of Bush: "I think that George Bush might very well be the worst president in American history...He's unusual. Most two-term presidents have a mixed record...Bush has nothing on the positive side, virtually nothing." Following these Bush-bashing historical assessments, Assuras exclaimed: "And that's not a minority opinion. In a 2006 Siena College survey of 744 history professors, 82 percent rated President Bush below average or a failure. Last April, in an informal poll by George Mason University of 109 historians, Mr. Bush fared even worse; 98 percent considered him a failed president. Sixty-one percent judged him, as Ellis does, one of the worst in American history."

After reading this excerpt a close friend mentioned that most history professors are liberals. But then, another friend mentioned "They're also highly educated". Tough to argue with hundreds of historians.

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