August 5, 2009

Dick's Head

Not long ago I was walking with friends through Chelsea, coming from the art galleries. It was a drizzly afternoon and as we were walking down 20th or 21st street I looked down to notice a tiny bit of genius in the dirt surrounding a tree. Some brilliant "artiste" had taken the time to make little flags with Dick Cheney's picture on them. Then, he (or she) walked around the neighborhood and put one of those little Cheney-flags into any pile of dog shit they could find. Brilliant. No better statement could be made that sums up my feelings for this nasty, corrupt, war-loving piece of shit of a man. I pulled out my little point and shoot camera and snapped a photo. The next day my friend Ron, who lives in Chelsea, called me and said, "You'll never guess what I saw yesterday." I replied, "I bet I do know. You saw a pile of shit with Dick Cheney's head sticking out of it." He laughed and was amazed that I had seen it. I called my friend Todd and mentioned to him the little shit story and he thought it was horrible and we should be more respectful to our elected officials. I laughed and told him I loved it and was jealous that I hadn't thought of it. Hey, you reap what you sow. Karma's a bitch. I love that little Cheney shit flag!

Note the little fly... Perched upon Mr Cheney.

Coney Island


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