August 11, 2009

"That's right Guv-na"--WTF?

The other day I was IM'ing a friend and during the conversation she used LOL (laughing out loud), LMAO (laughing my ass off), ROFL(rolling on the floor with laughter) and IMHO(In My Humble Opinion). Seriously, she used all of these abbreviations in 15 minutes. I called her on it and she basically told me that it was common IM language and easier than writing the full descriptions. And she suggested I learn the lingo and get with the program. I asked if she actually WAS rolling on the floor with laughter and laughing out loud. Too make matters worse, she ended the conversation with "Ciao". So I asked her when she became Italian.
Here's an abbreviation...WTF?
Two weeks ago I was shooting a male model and at one point I apologized for stopping to load a new card in the camera and he replied "No worries Mate". I thought that was a bit odd considering he was from someplace like Cleveland. Later, he said "bloody hell" when he dripped something on his shirt. Throughout the day he used many Australian and British expressions. At the end of the day as he was leaving he yelled out "Ciao" to the crew. Somebody please explain to the need to use foreign expressions and abbreviations. Why not say goodbye in that language in Africa where they make ticking and popping sounds with their tongues?
"Goodbye model"
"Tick, pop, tink"
Why not use Czech or Greek? Russian or Polish? Dutch or German? Finnish perhaps? And another thing regarding language..Saturday night I was hanging out with a Collette, Lewis and her parents. Her father was curious about all the Chinese and Japanese character tattoos that everyone seemed to be getting. We LOLed and wondered how many of them were written incorrectly. We also ROFLing that many, if not thousands of people were probably walking around with symbols that said Moo Shu Chicken or Kung Pao Beef on their body rather than the intended meaningful symbol like "Seek World Peace". Here's a question... What's up with writing asian characters on yourself? It only means something if you ARE asian and can read it.
Once again... WTF?

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