August 20, 2009

Reality and Funny shapes

Weird guy filming himself with ketchup at Coney Island

Washington Square Park

I was watching something on that moronic family named the Duggars who just had their 18th child. These people believe that Jesus told them to have all these kids. Of course they're leeching off the public's sympathy and donations having a giant home with multiple washers and driers, plenty of food and everything they could possibly need. They look, act and dress like cult members. I abhor these people. Then again, if you listen to them talk they're very robotic and seem pretty stupid. Sadly we all have to pay in the long run for their "Stepford-like" existance. Fucking imbeciles. Obviously they and most other families who have more than 2 kids can't seem to grasp the concept of over population. These people are too selfish, stupid and self absorbed to understand the repercussions and impact on the environment of having just one child, much less 18. I heard that mindless twit Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking on "The View", now pregnant with her third child, saying that her kids might be the ones to solve the world's problems. Hey Elisabeth...pull your blonde, empty head out of your ass! The SINGLE worst thing you can do for the planet is have a child.

Here's some interesting reading.

and another

Take a moment and read. Very sad and very scary.

On a brighter note:

HBO has been running the movie "Raising Arizona" for the past few weeks. I love that movie. I've watched a portion of it about 37 times. It's a love/hate movie. My sister hated it. There are certain quotes that still make me laugh everytime I hear them. Here are a few:

Evelle: H.I., you're young and you got your health, what you want with a job?

Evelle: These blow up into funny shapes and all? (regarding the balloons he just bought)
Grocer: Well no... unless round is funny.

Hayseed in the Pickup: Son, you got a panty on your head. (after picking up H.I. after he robbed a store)

While I'm at it, a quote from "O brother where art thou" when John Goodman's character finishes a piece of chicken.

Big Dan Teague: "Thank you as well for the conversational haitus. I generally refrain from speach during gustation. There are those who attempt both at the same time. I find it coarse and vulgar."

The Coen Brothers are geniuses.

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