April 15, 2010

Another beautiful, art filled day

Walking down the street my friend Todd pointed at some men working high up on the scaffolding. Normally I wouldn't steal another guy's shot/idea but he didn't have a camera. Somebody had to take a snap of them hanging up there.

I went to Phillips this afternoon to the pre-auction viewing of photographs. Room after room of great iconic photos. Hundreds of them. Auction estimates varied from a few thousand dollars to a quarter of a million for a Steichen. After that, my fellow art-loving friend Todd and I walked over to the Chelsea Hotel to see another show. It was in a room on the 5th floor which is something I've never seen before. A show in a hotel suite? Odd but interesting. Anyway, it was a cool show of 500 polaroids made by photographer Mikael Kennedy. These were beautiful photos taken between 1999 and 2009. Each one documenting a moment of his life and no two alike. They were for sale for $500 each. Most of the 3x3-inch original photos were mounted in little individual plastic sleeves on the wall in a line around the perimeter of the room at eye level. Some were grouped. It just happened to be opening tonight so I got to speak with him briefly. Nice guy, very interesting work. I have to admit, after leaving the show I wanted to pull out my SX70 and my Spectra and start snapping.

Walking down the art filled staircase, I put my camera over the rail and pointed it up. The Chelsea has so much history. Too much to write about so click on this link for some interesting info about the hotel.

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