April 4, 2010

The wee hours

After having really good Indian food with friends on 6th street we stopped by Arthur's Tavern on Grove Street. Sweet Georgia Brown was playing. The place was packed and they seated us behind the band which was very cramped and kind of weird. I pulled out my point and shoot and snapped some pics in pitch darkness at 3200 iso. Sort of an interesting look. She puts on a fun show and her band was great. Very funky.
What's better than hanging out with friends, eating some poori and chicken sagwalla and listening to funky soul music 'til the wee hours in New York City? Nothing, that's what.

10th avenue shadows earlier in the day.

Coming home very late on the A train a bunch of subway workers got on at 135th street. They looked like coal miners with their lanterns and tools. They were loud and talked about Michael Jordan being God and the possibility of Derek Jeter going to the Mets. They got off at 190th street.

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